Every household whould have a kobold, who proves to be a most useful and faithful servant. These little men, who exists in Germany and some parts of Switzerland, with their wrinkled faces betraying extreme old age, work tirelessly for the home which shelters them. Before moving into a house, they will test the disposition of the resident family by bringing chips and sawdust into the house and throwing dirt into the milk vessels. If the master of the house ensures that these are not disturbed, the kobold will move into the house and stay there as long as one of the family remains alive. They carry water, milk the cows, collect the eggs, groom the horses, chop wood, and sweep the yard. Kobolds enjoy the chores of everyday living, and with a little practise they will work indoors as efficiently as in the garden or farmyard.

Kobold, Artist: Unknown

They ask little in return for their labours. The scraps from the dinner table make a good meal for a kobold, but if the housewife forgets to feed him he will take instant revenge. She will break dishes, burn her fingers, or trip over the mat, and the kobold's malicious chuckle will remind her that she has forgotten to feed him. And if there is a change of servants in the household it does not bother him, but a leaving servant should tell whoever replaces him of the kobold, and instruct him to treat him well. If he does not do this, things will go badly in the household until the newcomer leaves.

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