Red Cap

This evil goblin lives in one or another of the ruined castles and watchtowers along the border between Scotland and England. He shifts his residence fairly often to avoid the attentions of exorcists, witchfinders, and other authorities. A wanderer along the lonely border tracks might be tempted to explore one of the brooding old piles of stone, but he would be wise to keep well away in case it should be a temporary residence of Red Cap.

He is easily distinguished, even from a distance, because of his large fiery red eyes and red cap. As he comes closer, moving with remarkable speed dispite the fact that he wears iron boots, he is seen to be a short, stocky old man with long grey hair and eagle's claws instead of hands.

Red Cap seeks human prey in order to renew the colour of his cap, which he dips in the blood of his victims. He can overcome even the strongest human unless the intended victim rememembers to quote a few words out of the Bible before Red Cap's talons sink into him. At the sound of the holy words the goblin instantly disappears.