The God of Darkness who reigns in those regions of Africa now known as Guinea and Senegambia, where he is worshipped by the Agni peoples. He lives in the fetish house at the entrance to every village, together with all the gods who look after such important matters as fertility, the weather, and the magical arts.

Sakarabru is a two-sided personality. In some moods he prowls through the village and snaps up any person foolish enough to leave his hut after dark, and crunches him up with its terrible teeth. But he also guards the village against night attack by wandering demons, and when he recieves the proper offerings he will heal the sick and fight off disease spirits. On the whole he is a just god, and if anyone is eaten by Sakarabru, or dies from disease despite prayers and offerings, one may be resonably sure that it is a punishment for some sin.