Wilde Frauen

'Wild Women'

German entities have fineflowing hair, are of great beauty and live in the hills. They are good to mortals, and mostly live in Wunderberg or Underburg, a great moor near Salzburg. This moor is hollow, and is supplied with stately palaces, churches, monasteries, gardens, and springs of gold and silver. Little men also live here, and take charge of the treasures.

Giants can also be found here, as well as Charles V, who sleeps here with a company of knights. His beard has already twice grown round the table at which he sits, and the third time it does so will signal the Antichrist's coming.

The wilde frauen sometimes go out to the village and help people to reap the corn or give bread to the children keeping cattle. They may sometimes steal children, but only to give the children better lives, dressing them in green and looking after them well.