1. Zorya Utrennjaja
      Gwiazda Poranna, Rannia Zoria, Zornica, Zornička, Zvezda Danica, Zvezda Dennitsa, Zvezda Zornitsa, Zwezda Dnieca, Zvijezda Danica

      The Morning Star. She is a goddess and sister of Zorya Vechernaya, the Evening Star.

      Their father is the sun god Dazbog whom they serve. They are the guardians of Simargl, the doomsday hound, in the Ursa Minor constellation (the 'little bear').

      Every morning she opens the gates to her father's palace, letting him ride over the sky in eastern Russia in his golden chariot.

    2. Zorya Vechernaya
      Gwiazda Wieczorna, Večernica, Večernja Zvezda, Večernja Zvijezda, Večernjača, Vechirnia Zornia, Zvezda Vechernaya, Zvezda Vechernitsa, Zwezda Wieczoniaia, Zwezda Wieczernica

      The Evening Star. The goddess of the dusk and sister of Zorya Utrennjaja, the Morning Star.

      In the evening, when her father drives the great white chariot horses back into the palace stables, Zorya Vechernaya closes the palace gates after him. As the gates close softly together, so evening falls and night brings a peaceful end to the activites of another day.