I've always enjoyed writing, and there's always something popping up when I have a pen in my hand and something to write on. It can be a newspaper, a napkin or a blank paper... Here's something of my 'work'.

The poems are of course copyrighted. It is forbidden to use these in any way without my written permission.

Become one of us

Full moon, rapid clouds
Wolves howling among whispering trees.
Tonight's my time.
Death time. Blood time... Feading time
Sharp claws and fangs
Glowing eyes and fur.
Hunting down my game,
my victims.

A feast for the hungry,
a feast for the thirsty.
Blood-thirst unites us all.
Join us! Lets kill and breed!

Become one of us...
The Werewolves!


Suddenly He's standing beside me
Clothed in a hood, a scythe in hand
There's no escape I realize
As I look into his hollow eyes.

Death... with a never fading grin
He's among us all the time
Harvesting among the living
Will You be the next?

Happy New Year!

I wish You a very Happy New Year,
think of the days past with a tear.
Not with gloomy and sad minds,
but remembering the happy times.

The new year which is about to begin
gives you a chance of a new beginning.
Kiss your love and with the "Happy New Year"-screams,
stop dreaming and start to live your dreams.