Gaheris de Kareheu

de Carahan, de Karaheu
Gaharis, Gahehan, Gaheran, Gaheris de Gahereu, Gaheris de Caraheu, Gaheris de Careheu, Gaheris of Carahew, Gaherys, Gahetis de Gahetan, Gaheus, Gains, Gareis d’Escareu, Ghaheris, Karehan

An Arthurian knight from the city of Carhaix.

His entire career seems to consist of being imprisoned in various places – the Dolorous Prison, the Valley of No Return, and in the Dolorous Tower – and eventually being freed from each by Lancelot.

He was put out of his misery at a small dinner party given by Guenevere. He accidentally ate an apple poisoned by Sir Avarlan, intended for Gawaine. The Queen, who had hosted the dinner, was accused of murder by Gaheris’ brother, Mador of the Gate, but was acquitted by Lancelot.

The poisoning death is transferred to Patrice by Malory.

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