Lairis, Larris, Larys, Layris

One of the heroes of Claris et Laris. An Arthurian knight, he was the son of Emperor Henry of Germany and the best friend of Claris.

He fell in love with Marine, sister of Yvain (Ywaine) and daughter of King Urien. This enraged his previous paramour, the fairy Madoine, with whom Laris already had a child. Madoine imprisoned Laris, but Claris rescued him. With Claris and Arthur, Laris saved Urien from a siege by King Tallas of Denmark, another of Marine’s suitors, but Laris was captured and imprisoned by Tallas. Merlin guided Arthur’s Sir Brandaliz (Brandelis) to Laris’s prison, and Brandaliz freed him.

Laris married Marine and became the king of Denmark, which Arthur had stripped from Tallas. Laris’s sister, Lidoine, married Claris.

Claris et Laris | 1268