Rual li Foitenant


Tristan’s noble foster-father in Gottfried’s Tristan.

Rual was the husband of Floraete and the steward of Tristan’s father, Rivalin Canelengres. Rivalin commended Tristan to Rual’s care on his death bed.

Rual and Floraete raised Tristan as their own son to shield him from Rivalin’s former enemies – most notably Duke Morgan of Brittany. Rual embarked on a search for Tristan when Tristan was abducted by some merchants, and he was relieved when he found that Tristan had made his way to his uncle Mark’s court.

After Tristan re-conquered his ancestral land of Parmenie from Duke Morgan, he gave the throne of the land to Rual, and to Rual’s sons after him. Rual and Floraete died from unknown circumstances during Tristan’s life.

He is called Rohand in the Middle-English Sir Tristrem. The nickname “Foitenant” signifies “one who keeps faith” or “one who maintains faith”.

Tristan | Gottfried von Strassburg, early 13th century
Tristrams Saga ok Ísöndar | 1226