Champagne, Guienne

A historical region of northeast France which, according to Der Pleier, was allied to ArthurArthour and Merlin tells us that Uther Pendragon acquired Champagne from HarinanIgerne’s (Igraine) first husband.

After Lancelot breaks with Arthur and goes back across the Channel with his kinsmen and supporters, here is how he parcels out his lands:

[Lancelot] crowned Sir Lionel, King of France; and Sir Bors [he] crowned him king of all King Claudas' lands; and Sir Ector de Maris ... King of Benwick, and king of all Guienne, that was Sir Launcelot's own land.

He also makes others of his supporters Dukes of Limosin (Limousin) in Guienne, Poictiers, Querne, Sentonge (Saintonge), Provence, Landok (Languedoc), Anjou, and Normandy; and Earls of Perigot, Roerge, Bearn (Béearn), Comange (Comminges), Arminak (Armagnac), EstrakePardiak (Pardiac), Foise (Foix), Masauke, Tursauk, the Launds, Agente, and Surlat.

Lionses (Leonce), whom Malory calls “lord of the country of Payarne,” and who fights on the side of Arthur, Ban, and Bors, is probably identical with Leonce, the wisest and most loyal man in Gannes according to the Vulgate. This makes Payarne (Payerne) another French territory.

Arthour and Merlin | Late 13th century
Tandareis and Flordibel | Der Pleier, 1240-1270