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The Power to alter the course of nature and history, to summon spirits, control the weather, become invisible. The Power to use charms, songs and riddles to cast spells that cannot be resisted... these are the powers that set the wizard apart from mere mortals...

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Now in these pages about Wizards you may enter the hidden sanctuaries of these master magicians and discover their dark secrets. With one flash of brimstone you'll find yourself transported to a midnight realm of magic, wizardry and darkest sorcery. Here you'll meet such legendary wizards as Gwydion, who transforms entire forests into armies... Manannan Mac Lir who envelopes his native Isle of Man in clouds of mist with a single wave of his mighty sword Answerer... and the greatest wizard of all, Merlin, the ageless mystic whose magical deeds gild the glory of Camelot.

Their tales take you inside the windowless black school of the Devil where wizards seek power denied to ordinary men. Meet master sorcerers like Gilles de Retz, and Roger Bacon who once conjured up a dazzling quintet of illusions to delight each of his king's five senses. And shiver as the doomed Faustus seals his diabolical bargain with the Devil.

These Wizard-pages bubbles with a beguiling brew of chilling with tales, stories and lore, and the secrets of the magical touchstones which bring untold power.

- About Wizards
- Wizards - About famous Wizards, myths and legends
- Masters of Forbidden Arts
- Masters of Forbidden Arts - Part II
- Volga Vseslavich - Wizard of Kiev
- Tidings of the Heavens - Reading the Constellations

- The Black School
- Ilmarinen's Bride Quest
- Life Songs in the Lands of the Dead - Lemminkäinen
- The Island Enchantress - Circe
- The Provencal Prophet
- Diviners of the Far North