1. Alan

    The son of Brons and Enygeus, who did not marry and was made ruler of his brothers and sisters. In the Didot Perceval he was Percivale's father. He was told by the Holy Spirit that he would be the father of the Grail King. He is also said to be a son of King Pellinore.

  2. Alan Fyrgan
    Alan Fyrgant

    A warrior listed in the Welsh Triads as having one of the "faithless war-bands". They apparently deserted him before the battle of Camlann and, as a consequence, he was killed there. It is unclear which side he was supporting.

    In Culhwch he is found in the court list as the Breton Duke Alan Fyrgant, the son-in-law of Gwyllennhin (Gwilenhin), the king of France.

    The name comes from an actual person - Alannus Fergannus, the Duke of Brittany from 1084 to 1112, who fought against and then allied with William the Conqueror.

  3. Alan of the Meadows

    A Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.