Items in the Arthurian Legends - A

Adventurous | Gué Aventuros, Espee Aventureuse, etc.
Four items and three locations. [More]

  1. Adventurous Bed - or the Perilous Bed.
  2. Adventurous, Castle - The Grail Castle.
  3. Adventurous Ford - A ford.
  4. Adventurous Seats - At the Round Table.
  5. Adventurous Shield - A shield.
  6. Adventurous Shield, Abbey of the - An abbey.
  7. Adventurous Sword - A sword.

Alexander | Alexander Le Orphelin, Alisander, Alisandre
Six characters and one item. [More]

  1. Alexander - Emperor of Greece and Constantinople.
  2. Alexander - Son of Emperor Alexander.
  3. Alexander - A knight.
  4. Alexander - Prince of India.
  5. Alexander's Shirt - A garment.
  6. Alexander the Great - A king.
  7. Alexander the Orphan - Son of Prince Bodwyne.

A sword. [More]

Ark of the Covenant
The container of the Tablets of the Law. [More]

Arms and Armor
Arms and armor in the Arthurian stories. [More]

A sword. [More]

Places and belongings connected directly to King Arthur. [More]

  1. Arthur's Bed
  2. Arthur's Castle
  3. Arthur's Cave
  4. Arthur's Chair
  5. Arthur's Crown
  6. Arthur's Cup
  7. Arthur's Cups and Saucers
  8. Arthur's Grave
  9. Arthur's Hall
  10. Arthur's Hunting Lodge
  11. Arthur's Insignia
  12. Arthur's Ivory Thrones
  13. Arthur's O'on
  14. Arthur's Oven
  15. Arthur's Palace
  16. Arthur's Quoit
  17. Arthur's Seat
  18. Arthur's Stone
  19. Arthur's, Succession of
  20. Arthur's Table
  21. Arthur's Tomb
  22. Arthur's Tor

Avenging Lance
The name given in the Vulgate Cycle for the Bleeding Lance, an artifact from the Grail legends.

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