1. Ampflise

    The Queen of France during Uther's time in Wolfram's Parzival. She loved and was loved by Perceval's father Gahmuret.

    When her husband died, she sent envoys to Wales (where she heard Gahmuret was staying to participate in a tournament) to woo Gahmuret back to France; Gahmuret would have gone willingly, but he was bound to marry Queen Herzeloyde of Wales (Herselojde) because he had won her tournament.

    Ampflise gave her foster-son, the ill-fated Schionatulander, to Gahmuret for training in knightly affairs.

  2. Ampflise

    The beautiful, virtuous daughter of Count Jernis of Ryl. She was a Grail Maiden living at Munsalvęsche and member of the Grail Procession.