King Arthur

Welsh: Y Brenin Arthwr
Arrtor, Art, Arther, Arthour, Arthoure, Arthoures, Arthours, Arthure, Arthus, Arthyr, Artijus, Artor, Artouret, Artourys, Artouzos, Artu, Artui, Artus, Artusin, Artuurs, Artuxe, Artuz, Athyr, Hartu, Ortus

A legendary British leader in the late 5th and early 6th centuries, and is said to have led the defence against Saxon invaders. Whether he was a real person or not has been under debate for many years, and will continue to be. In any event, the legend will live on and fascinate those who get in contact with him, Queen Guenevere, the famous knights, the Round Table, the Grail...

King Arthur | Artist: Charles Ernest Butler

Wither has not flying fame spread and familiarised the name of Arthur the Briton, even as far as the empire of christendom extends? Who, I say does not speak of Arthur the Briton, since he is almost better known to people of Asia than to the Britanni [Welsh and Cornish]; as our palmers returning from the East inform us? The Eastern peoples speak of him, as do the Western, though separated by the width of the whole earth... Rome, queen of cities, sings his deeds, nor are Arthur's wars unknown to her former rival Carthage, Antioch, Armenia, Palestine celebrate his acts.
        - Alanus de Insulis

In history, Arthur was likely a Briton war-leader who staved off the Saxon invasion of Britain for a time. In legend, he becomes a great king; the conqueror of dozens of realms; the ruler of the fantasy realm of Camelot; the founder of the Round Table; and the bastion of justice in a "might is right" world. His downfall is wrought by the people closest to him: his wife, Guenevere; his best knight, Lancelot; his nephew, Gawain; his sister, Morgan; and his son, Mordred. He perishes during a great battle against the latter, who has usurped his throne, but legend holds that he still lives on the island of Avalon, from which he will return to lead his people again.