1. Cae
    Cai, Cei, Caius

    Son of Ector and foster-brother of Arthur. [More]

  2. Cae Hir
    Cae the Tall

    Named in a Welsh Tristan fragment as a man who loved Golwg Hafddydd, Isolde’s handmaid. He may be a Welsh version of Kahedins who, in some versions of the Tristan legend, loves Brangain, Isolde’s servant.

  3. Cæ the Courteous

    A vassal of Queen Flúrant of Ireland (Flurent), Isolde’s mother in the Icelandic Saga af Tristram ok Ísodd.

    He tried to claim credit from a dragon that Tristan (Tristram) slew on Sukstía mountain, which would have allowed him to marry Isolde. Queen Flúrant wanted to hang him for the lie, but Tristan convinced her to simply banish him from Ireland.

    His character appears in Gottfried’s Tristan as an unnamed steward.