1. Crossroads
      Heath of the Crossroads

      A heath in the forest of Breckham. It was known as a place of adventures, and was visited by Hector and Gawaine.

    2. 'Crossroads, Damsel of the'

      Gawaine and Lancelot met her at a crossroads after leaving the "Castle of the Deadly Bed" in their pursuit of Guenevere and her abductor.

      In return for their promises - Gawaine's to be ever at her service, Lancelot's to do anything she might desire and completely subject himself to her will - the damsel told them the name of Guenevere's abductor - Meliagrant, son of King Bademagu of Gore - and his destination: "the kingdom from which no stranger returns". She also pointed out the ways to the Water Bridge and the Sword Bridge, adding descriptive particulars and cautions.

      Strangely, unless she is to be identified with King Bademagu's daughter, she seems to disappear from the romance.