1. Galway
      Gallway, Galvoie

      A region of Ireland on the west of the island. According to Wace, it was part of Arthurís empire.

      In Les Merveilles de Rigomer, it is ruled by an ally of Arthurís named Lot (not Gawaineís father) and his son Midomidas. In Meriadeuc, a knight in Arthurís service named Blidoblidas is called the son of the King of Galway. The region is sometimes confused with Galloway, an area in Scotland.

    2. Galway

      A castle near Corbenic (Carbonek), the Grail Castle.

      Its lady was plagued by Mariale, the son of Duke Galenin, in a land dispute. She was championed by Bors, who defeated Mariale. She introduced Bors to King Pelles of Corbenic.