1. Gawain
      'Boy With No Name', 'Knight of Maidens', 'Knight of the Surcoat' | Balbhuaidh, Calliano, Calvano, Chalvano, Gagains, Galvagin, Galvaginus, Galwainus, Galwan, Gaoulbanos, Gauain, Gauaine, Gauainet, Gauains, Gauanet, Gauein, Gaugains, Gauuain, Gauvain, Gauvains, Gauvei, Gauvein, Gauveis, Gauwain, Gavain, Gavains, Gavaon, Gaven, Gavion, Gawane, Gawaine, Gawains, Gawan, Gawayne, Gawein, Gawyn, Gawein, Gawen, Gawin, Gayain, Gowin, Grion, Gualguainus, Gualguanus, Gualwanus, Valven, Walewein, Walgan, Walgannus, Waluuanii, Walwain, Walwainus, Walwan, Walwein, Walwen, Walwin, Wawain, Wawayne

      The eldest son of King Lot and Morgawse and one of Arthur's most prominent knights. [More]

    2. Gawain the Brown
      Gauvain le Brun

      The first foster-father of Gawain, entrusted with the child by Morgause and Lot.

      He named the baby after himself and eventually set him adrift on the ocean. The infant washed up on shore and was rescued by a fisherman.

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      Viamundus | The Legend of King Arthur

    3. Gawain the Hermit

      The more famous Sir Gawaine was baptized by and named after this saintly hermit.

      When begged to give the infant a gift, the hermit Gawaine prayed to Heaven, obtaining the grace that Sir Gawaine, however exhausted before noon, would always grow fresh and vigorous again at midday.