1. Hadrian
      Publius Aelius Hadrianus Augustus | Adrian, Ludranes
      Born: 24 January, 76 AD; dead: 10 July, 138 AD

      Roman Emperor from 117 to 138.

      Britain was under Roman occupation during his reign, and he commissioned a stone wall across northern England, from Solway Firth to the Tyne, to protect southern Britain from the northern tribes.

      In the Vulgate Merlin, Hadrian is introduced as the Emperor of Constantinople in Arthurís time. His daughter married King Brandegorre of Estrangorre. Arthurís Sir Sagremor (Sagramore) was Hadrianís grandson, and the intended heir to Hadrianís throne. As Hadrian grew old and infirm, he faced a revolt from his Greek barons.

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    2. Hadrian's Wall
      Picts Wall, Roman Wall, Vallum Aelium, Vallum Hadriani

      It was started in AD 122 and spanned the width of Britain - 117.5 km (73 miles or 80 Roman miles). It was made of the construction materials the Romans had available nearby, and it is believed to be mostly finished in six years. The reason for building it was not as a fighting line, but rather to prevent unwanted immigraton of the "barbarians", the Pictish tribes. The gates were used as customs posts.

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