1. High Mountain, Count of the
      Haute Montaigne, Haute Montaingne

      "He of the High Mountain" was a nobleman, Chrétien de Troyes lists among those present at the wedding of Erec and Enide. He brought a very fine company along with him.

    2. High Rock

      One of the Arthur’s castles.

      It was seized by Montenart of the Hidden Island, but was returned to Arthur’s control when Erec killed Montenart.

    3. High Walls
      Haus Murs, Haut Moor, Haut Mur, Haute More

      The Castle of the High Walls in Benoic (Benwick) where ruled by, Grayer (Graier), was one of King Ban’s stewards.

    4. High Wild Forest

      Pellinore's domain in the Post-Vulgate. In other references, it is Listenois or the Waste Land.

    5. High Wood

      The Duke of High Wood was Guergesin.