1. Isoud, La Beale
      Essyltt, Isalde, Isaldt, Isall, Isalt, Isaota, Isaotta, Iseo, Iseult, Iseus, Iseut, Ísodd, Ísól, Isolde the Beautiful, Isolde the Blonde, Isoldt, Isolt, Isönd, Ísot, Isotta, Isoud, Isoude, Ixolta, Izonda, Izota, Yseult, Yseulte, Yseut, Ysodd, Ysolde, Ysolt, Ysonde, Ysot

      The daughter of King Anguish of Ireland and Tristan's true love. [More]

    2. Isoud La Blanche Mains
      Iseut aux Blances Mains, Isolde of the Fair Hands, Isolde of Brittany, Yseut

      Tristan, separated from the woman he loves, marries Isolde of the White Hands because she shares his beloved's name. [More]

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