1. Limors
      'Death' | Liimors, Limwris

      An English town (and castle?) that Erec and Enide entered during their journey.

      Erec had been injured during the trip, and fell unconscious. The ruler of the town, Count Oringle, thought that Erec was dead, and he began making advances on Enide. When Enide proved difficult, Oringle abused her. Enide’s screams awoke Erec, who jumped up and killed Oringle.

      'Liimors', probably indicating, 'death', was corrupted by Welsh storytellers to 'Limwris' and given to the count himself.

    2. Limors

      The castle belonging to Lord Linier in Ulrich’s Lanzelet. It had a custom that every occupant would attack any knight that approached it without presenting an olive branch. Lancelot was ignorant of this custom, and he was assailed as he rode up to the castle. He fought his way inside, where he was given harbor by Linier’s niece (and foster daughter) Ade. Eventually, Linier and Lancelot fought in single combat, and Linier was killed.