1. Maimed King
      Roi Mahaignié, - Mehaignie; Wounded King

      This character parallels the Fisher King and was, according to th e Vulgate Version, a being created when the Fisher King divided into two. His injury, usually described as a 'wound through the thighs' [sic], has been variously explained: as being inflicted by Balin, or as a punishment for his drawing the Sword of the Strange Hangings. He is named as Parlan, Pellam, Pelleam, Pellehan or Pelles.

    2. Maimed Knight

      In one hand the Maimed Knight involuntarily grapsed a sword which had penetrated his other hand. Only the best knight in the world could remove the sword. The Maimed Knight was understandably annoyed when Bors and Agravaine, meeting him, entered into an argument about whether Lancelot or Gawaine was the best knight. Naturally, it was Lancelot who finally relieved him of the sword.

      I am not sure whether this knight traveled in a litter or remained in his castle or manor; if the latter he probably was located near the marches of Stranggore.