Songs of Merlin: Bale Azur

'The March of Arthur'

    The March of Arthur

    Tramp, tramp, tramp, tramp to battle din!
    Tramp son, tramp sire, tramp kith and kin!
    Tramp one, tramp all, have hearts within.

    The chieftain's son his sire addrest,
    As morn asaoke the world from rest:
    'Lo! Warriors on yon mountain crest --

    'Lo! warriors armed, their curse that hold
    On grey war-horses riding bold,
    with nostrils snorting wide for cold!

    'Rank closing up on rank I see,
    Six by six, and three by three,
    Spear points by thousands glinting free.

    'Rank on rank, twos front they go
    Behind a flag which to and fro
    Sways, as the winds of death do blow!

    'Nine sling-casts' length from van to read --
    I know 'tis Arthur's hosts appear;
    There Arthur strides -- that foremost pear!'

    'If it be Arthur -- Ho! what, ho!
    Up spear! Out arrow! Bend the bow!
    Forth, after Arthur, on the foe!'

    The chieftain's words were hardly spoke,
    When forth the cry of battle broke --
    From end to end the hills it woke:

    'Be't head for hand, and heart for eye --
    Death-wound for scratch -- a-low, on high --
    Matron for maid, and man for boy!

    'Stone-horse for mare, for heifers steers,
    War-chief for warrior, youth for years,
    And fire for sweat, and blood for tears.

    'And three for one -- by strath and scaur,
    By day, by night, till near and far
    The streams run red with waves of war!

    'If in the fight we fall, so best!
    Bathed in our blood -- a baptism blest --
    With joyous hearts we'll take our rest.

    'If we but fall where we have fought,
    As Christian men and Bretons ought,
    Such death is ne'er too early sought.'

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