1. Mynydd Amanw

      A British mountain that was the site of a battle between Arthurís warriors and the boar Twrch Trwyth and his piglets. Two of the piglets - Twrch Llawin and Gwys - were killed before Twrch Trwyth continued his flight to Dyffryn Amanw.

    2. Mynydd Bannawg
      'Horned Mount'

      A mountain in Britain on which two oxen lived: Nynnyaw and Peibyaw. As one of his tasks, the warrior Culhwch had to travel to Mynydd Baannawg and capture the oxen.

    3. Mynydd Fyrddin

      A mountain (hill) at Longtown (Herefordshire, Wales) where Merlin is said to be buried.

      The Welsh word for mountain is mynydd, which derives from mwn, and is a mountain rising considerably above the surface of the surrounding land.