Nerovens de Lile

When La Cote Male Taile set out with the damsel Maledisant in her quest, Lancelot followed after,

and by the way upon a bridge there was a knight proffered Sir Launcelot to joust.

After a noble sword battle, the strange knight yielded, and turned out to be Sir Nerovens de Lile, whom Lancelot himself had dubbed knight. Happily reunited, Nerovens warned Lancelot of Sir Brian de les Isles, lord of the Castle of Pendragon, who had just captured La Cote Male Taile the day before.

After defeating Sir Brian, Lancelot gave Nerovens rule, under La Cote Male Taile, of Pendragon Castle and its surrounding country.

Nerovens also became a companion of the Round Table.

Very likely Nerovens should be identified with Sir Neroneus, who accompanied Lancelot into exile and was made Earl of Pardiak.