1. Penevric
      Penefrec, Penefred, Pointurie

      A rich island castle - strong and well placed - in King Guivret's Ireland, according to Hartmann von Aue.

      It's located near the land of Count Oringle of Limors. It corresponds with Pointurie, found in Chrétien de Troyes.

    2. Penevric, Damsels of

      Two sisters of Guivret the Little, Filledamor and Guenteflur, and presumably of dwarfish or small stature themselves, these delightful maidens lived at Guivret's castle - acting as its chatelaines? - and proved their medical skill by nursing Erec back to health after his three adventurous days of virtually nonstop fighting.

      Erec enjoyed a hospitable stay in Penefrec, which was characterized by abundant surrounding lakes, a well-stocked game preserve, and the best hunting dogs.