1. Pomelegloi
      Pomelegoi, Pomeglai, Pomeglay

      The location of a tournament entered and won by Lancelot in the Vulgate Lancelot.

      During the tournament, Guinevere tested his love by telling to perform dishonorably, and Lancelot demonstrated his faithfulness by acting like a coward.

    2. Pomelegloi, Lady of

      The Lady of Pomelegoi sponsored the tournament with the Lady of Noauz. Chrétien places the tournament at Noauz. Either or both of these ladies might have been independent heiresses or widows, as willing as anoyone else to treat their tournament as a proving ground for potential husbands.

      There is also the chance that they were ruling castles in the absence of husband, father, or brother, who might or might not have been killed adventuring - a state of things that must have affected quite a few ladies for longish intervals of their lives, and which helps explain love affairs of married dames.