1. Rhun

      An Arthurian warrior killed at Cwm Cerwyn by the boar Twrch Trwyth. He was the son of Beli Adver. A Triad calls him one of the Three Red Ravagers of the Island of Britain.

    2. Rhun
      Ron, Run mab Neton

      An Arthurian warrior who was the son of Nwython and the brother of Gwystyl, Llwydeu, and Kinlith.

    3. Rhun

      An Arthurian warrior who was the son of Maelgwn of Gwynedd. His experience and wisdom were such that everyone always turned to him for advice.

    4. Rhun

      A son of Urien of Rheged and brother of Owain. He became the Archbishop of York and assumed the name Paulinus.

      According to one manuscript, a compilation of history put together by Rhun was one of Nenniusís sources.

    5. Rhun Red Adler

      One of Arthur's warriors and huntsmen.

    6. Rhun Rhudwern

      He's mentioned in Culhwch in the court list, but nowhere else which makes me guess he's identical to one of the other Rhun's.