1. Serpent, le

      Gawain saw a serpent fighting with a leopard in the Adventurous Palace at Corbenic. Bors saw the same serpent in the same place.

    2. Serpent, le

      Lancelot killed a serpent at Corbenic.

    3. Serpent, le

      The one which, as Arthur dreamed, issued from his body the night he begat Mordred, and its picture in the cathedral at Camelot which Arthur had painted on the wall in remembrance of his dream.

    4. Serpent Fountain
      Fontana Serpilina

      A fountain in Cornwall that Tristan (Tristram) was known to frequent during his period of insanity.

    5. Serpent's Ditch

      A deep pit full of poisonous snakes. Perceval rescued a maiden from an evil knight who was going to throw her into it.