King of Scotland during Utherís reign in Wolframís Parzival.

An ally and cousin of the infidel lord Isenhart, Vridebrant invaded the African kingdom of Zazamanc when Isenhart died for the Queen of Zazamancís love. While in Africa, his own lands were invaded by the kinsmen of Hernant, whom Vridebrant had slain for the love of Herlinde.

He had to return to defend Scotland before the invasion of Zazamanc was complete, but he left his lords - Duke Hiuteger, Gaschier of Normandy, and Kaylet of Hoskurast - behind to finish the invasion. These men were defeated by Percevalís father, Gahmuret. Vridebrant was also supported by warriors from Greenland and by Morholt of Ireland.

Some time after the war, Vridebrant reconciled with the queen of Zazamanc. His father-in-law was named Schiltunc.