Faery Godmothers, Fair Folk, Fatae, Fays, Féer, Fée, Gentry, the Good Folk, Good Neighbours, the Green Men, Little People, the Lordly Ones, Themselves, Älvor

They are known by many synonyms and euphemisms. Fairies are an international community of immortal beings who originated in Italy, where they were known as Fatae. When Roman civilisation spread through other countries the Fatae went along with the Roman emigrants and settled throughout the same territories. In France, the name Fatae was corrupted by fée.

When the Romans invaded Britain the fées accompanied them and were known by that name for some centuries until it was Anglicised as fays, which the countryfolk eventually changed into fairies.

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The Road to Fairyland, Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946)

    Did you see the road to Fairyland
    I'll tell, it's easy, quite
    Wait till a yellow moon gets up
    O'er purple seas by night,
    And gilds a shining pathway
    That is sparkling diamond bright
    Then, if no evil power be nigh
    To thwart you, out of spite,
    And if you know the very words
    To cast a spell of might,
    You get upon a thistledown,
    And if the breeze is right,
    You sail away to Fairyland
    Along this track of light.