Ghosts and Hauntings

Ghosts have been, by tradition, considered to be the spirits of the dead. But sceptics have been doubted that so is the case. On Shakespear's time one of his roles dispatched a ghost as a "figment of the imagnination". And Charles Dickens put a Victorian aspect on the question, when his figure Ebenezer Scrooge blames the phantom on his bad digestion and accuses the ghost to be "a bad digested piece of the beef".

But during the last century those who have been devoted themselves to investigate the paranormal in a scientific way tried to find other solutions. None of their theories have appealed the sceptics, who insist that most of the reported cases of hauntings can not be explained at all and even though the suggested explanations could not be proved, some of them have a hunch of reality, which makes them continue to exist.

However, they surrounds us - night as day - some of us can see and feel them, others don't have that ability...

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