1. Alier
    Ales, Allers

    He was warring against a defenseless countess, (the Lady of Noroison in Chrétien's Yvain), when the latter and two of her damsels found Yvain, whom agreed to help in return for her healing services.

    Little is said of the whys of this war: Alier would appear to have been the aggressor, and he managed to burn some of the lady's buildings before Yvain conquered him; but he was allowed to surrender and swear to repay and rebuild her losses as far as possible.

  2. Alier of Tanningues
    Aliers de Caringues, - de Thaningues

    A Knight of the Round Table who was slain during the Grail Quest. His brothers, Luzes (Lucas) and Tanadal, were also killed.