1. Yvain
      Le Chevalier au Lion, The Knight with the Lion
      Evrains, Evayn, Evein, Eveins, Eventus, Ewain, Ewan, Ewayne, Ewein, Ewen, Ewin, Ivan, Ivano, Iven, Iwain, Iwainet, Iwein, Iwen, Ovan, Owain, Owein, Uwayne, Yoain, Yovain, Yovin, Yvains, Yvein, Ywaines, Ywan, Ywons

      Son of Morgan Le Fay and King Urien. Knight of the Round Table. [More]

    2. Yvain

      King of Lindsey who participated in Arthur's tournament at the Castle of Maidens.

    3. Yvain

      A Knight of the Round Table who was the son of King Hervi.

      Found in the romance of Yder, he may be identical to the original Yvain, with "Hervi" being a corruption of "Urien".

    4. Yvain

      Yet another of Arthur’s knights, variously called "the Crooked", "the Buck", "the Deer", and "the Shining".

      He fought in the Saxon wars and joined one of Gawain’s quests to find Lancelot.

    5. Yvain

      An Arthurian warrior in Welsh legend who is the son of Nudd, which would make him the brother of Yder, Gwynn, and Dryon.

    6. Yvain

      A knight in Arthur's service who was the son of the Soumière.

    7. Yvain of Canelones

      A Knight of the Round Table from Germany. He was a cousin to the sons of Urien.

      He fought in Arthur’s forces during the Saxon Wars. During the Grail Quest, while adventuring with Gawain, Yvain ignored a warning and brashly entered a castle, where he was burned alive to avenge the death of Lamorat, who had been killed by Gawain. Yvain’s sister, who blamed Gawain for Yvain’s death, tried to have Gawain killed but failed.

    8. Yvain of Cavaliot

      One of Arthur’s knights mentioned in Chrétien de Troyes’s Erec. R. S. Loomis notes a twelfth century Welsh chieftain named Owein of Cyveilioc.

    9. Yvain of Leonel
      Ewein de Lionell, Iwan of Nonel, Yuain de Lionel, Yvain of Lionel; Yvains de Lionel, - du Lionel, - Leonell, - Loenel

      Another of Arthur’s warriors who was knighted by Arthur for his service in the Saxon wars. His father was named Grandalis.

      Yvain was one of the knights imprisoned in the Dolorous Prison until freed by Lancelot. His other credits include a quest to learn the fate of Merlin and participation in one of Gawain’s quests to find Lancelot.

      Chrétien de Troyes is the first to mention him. His surname may be a variation of Loeneis, or Lothian, or it may indicate a "Lionel", or a small lion. As the original Yvain was also called "The Knight with the Lion", this Yvain may have once been the same character.

    10. Yvain of Revel
      Ewein Cyuell; Yvains de Cinel, - du Cinel, - de Rivel

      A youth knighted by Arthur for his service in the Saxon Wars.

    11. Yvain of the White Hands

      Another Knight of the Round Table who appears in the French prose romance. He is distinct from Yvain son of Urien, but Malory merges the two characters.

      He was the son of Daire. Arthur knighted him in reward for his service in the Saxon Wars. Later, he participated in quests to learn the fate of Merlin and to find Lancelot. He was badly wounded in a fight with King Mark of Cornwall, but was healed at the Abbey of the Black Cross.

      During the Grail Quest, he was slain by Erec, who did not recognize him, for which Erec was later killed by Gawain. His former Round Table seat was taken by Arthur the Less.

    12. Yvain the Bastard
      Ewein Avoutres, Yewains; Yvain les Avoutres, - of Lafultere, - the Adulterer; Yvains li Avoutres, - li Batarz; Yvonet li Avoutres, - l'Avoltre, - li Aoltres

      The illegitimate son of King Urien and the wife of Urien’s seneschal, and the half-brother of the first Yvain (Ywaine).

      He left home with his brother to join Arthur’s service, even though his father was involved in a rebellion against Arthur. He fought in the Saxon wars and was knighted by Arthur for his service. He further participated in the wars against Rome, Claudas, and Galehaut. He had a son named Cahus, who died as Arthur’s squire.

      During the Grail Quest, Yvain the Bastard adventured with Gawain and Galahad, and he helped Gawain and Gareth, his cousins, liberate the Castle of Maidens by killing the seven knights that ruled there. Late in the Grail Quest, Yvain was killed by Gawain when they jousted together, unaware of each others’ identity. Malory, in an obvious mistake, states that Yvain the Bastard appeared at the healing of Sir Urry, which occurs after his reported death.

      In the Scottish Lancelot of the Laik, Yvain the Bastard and Yvain les Avoutres (Yvonet li Avoutres) are two separate characters.

    13. Yvain the Black

      A knight who wanted to marry the lady of the Red Castle against her will. He besieged the Red Castle, but Guiron the Courteous championed the lady, defeated Yvain, and ended the siege.