Angel, Aguiflet, Aguillars, Aguisans, Aguisant, Aguiscans, Aguisel, Aguisent, Aguisiax, Aguissans, Aguissant, Aguistant, Aguizans, Agustans, Aguysans, Aguysas, Anguisel, Anguissans, Anguizans, Angus, Angvisant, Angvisaunt, Angwisshe, Angwisiez, Auguselus, Aungel, Aungers

King of Scotland, first named by Geoffrey of Monmouth. The numerous variations of his name may include Anguish of Ireland. Geoffrey tells us that he was the brother of Uriens and Lot, but the Vulgate Merlin calls him the son of King Caradoc and one of Arthur's unnamed half-sisters (and therefore Arthur's nephew). In a Welsh adaptation of Geoffrey, his counterpart is Arawn. He name suggests the common Scottish Angus, which belonged to an earl of Moray in the early twelfth century.

In Geoffrey's version, Arthur restores him to his position as king of Scotland after the country was reclaimed from the Saxons. In later works, however, he is portrayed as an early enemy of Arthur. He was one of the kings who rebelled against Arthur's ascension to the throne. Arthur defeated the confederation at the battle of Bedegraine, after which the Saxons invaded Scotland, and Angusel had to return to fortify his city of Caranges. Joined by Kings Urien and Nentres, he successfully fought off the invaders, led by King Oriel. Eventually, Angusel and the other rebelling kings reached a truce with Arthur and together crushed the Saxons at Clarence. He later joined Arthur's wars against Rome, Galehaut, and Claudas.

He died fighting Mordred's army at the battle of Richborough or Salisbury, where he led a battalion. Chrétien de Troyes gives him two sons named Cadret and Cuoi, and the Prophecies de Merlin assigns him another named Archemais. Thomas Hughes says Gawain inherited his kingdom.

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