1. Belchis

    The homely lord of the castles Monhaut and Campadoine and father of Espinogrés.

    He kidnapped the Lady Lidoine when he heard that her lover, Meraguis of Portlesguez, was dead. He wanted Lidoine to marry Espinogres, but news of Meraugis's survival forced Belchis to release the woman.

  2. Belchis
    Belcis, Belcys

    King of Denmark in Arthur's service.

    He fought for King Arthur against the Saxons at Vambieres and in the Roman War, leading a battalion of soldiers at the battle of Soissons.

    In the MS 337 Belchis is called "li rois", which probably is an error for "li Lois" or "li Blois". He is one of the knights who help Arthur against the Saxons before Vandeberes (Vambieres).