1. Berluse
    Bersules, Bertelai

    A Cornish knight and servant of King Mark of Cornwall.

    When he learned of Mark's plans to slay Tristan, Berluse tried to desert the king, but Mark killed him. He was buried by his companion, Amant. His son, also named Berluse, found harbor with Sir Tor.

  2. Berluse

    The lieutenant of the castle of Sir Tor le Fise Aries. King Mark had killed Berluse's father before Berluse's eyes, and would have killed the son had he not escaped into the woods.

    Nevertheless, when Mark turned up at Sir Tor's castle, Berluse, motivated by love of Tor and of Lamorak, who was also a guest there, gave Mark truce and hospitality for the duration of his stay. Berluse warned Mark, however, to beware if ever they met outside the castle. He engaged in combat but was defeated and saved from death only through the intervention of Sir Dinadan.

    From the similarity of the names, I suspect some connection between Berluse and the Sir Berluses whose story is given along with Amant's.