1. Bliant
    Brian, Brians

    Tallest of the dwarves and brother of Bilis, shortest of the dwarves. He came to the wedding of Erec and Enide.

  2. Bliant
    Belians, Bryaunt

    Brother of Celinant and owner of the White Castle (Blank Castle).

    When Lancelot had been banished by Queen Guenevere he wandered, insane, the woods and lived only by eating roots and berries. One day when he was pursuing a wild boar he came to a tent, and out from it came knight Bliant and stood in his way. Lancelot attacked him, wounded him severly and threw himself into the tent and in the bed where Bliants wife layed.

    The lady ran out screaming and Bliant, who had recovered after the blow, his first thought was to kill the fool, but his dwarf, who were there, could tell him that the maniac were no one else than the famous Lancelot who had been crazy out of love.

    Bliant brought him to his White Castle, where he cured and took care of him in the best of ways, but under supervision. They kept him chained until Lancelot proved his nobility. One day when Bliant was out hunting he got attacked by two evil knights who followed him home at full gallop. Lancelot, who stood by a window in the castle and saw him coming, broke his chains, rushed out and saved him. One of the knights attacking were Sir Breuse Sans Pitie. Bliant understood Lancelot's mild and caring temperament allowed him to be free after that incident.

    Lancelot stayed with Bliant for two years, calling himself the Chevalier Malfait. He were not well, and one day he went astray and came to the city Corbett.

  3. Bliant, Castle of
    Blanc Recet, Blanc Repaire, Le Blanc Castel, Joyous Isle

    Do not confuse with Sir Bliant's Castle Blank. The castle of Bliant was one of Pellam's castles, standing on an "island beclosed in iron, with a fair water deep and wide". Pellam gave the castle and island to Lancelot, who had just recovered from a long bout of madness, including a period of nursing at Castle Blank, and who thought he could never go back to Arthur's court.

    As Le Chavaler Mal Fet, Lancelot held Bliant against all jousters, naming it Joyous Isle and living here with Pellam's daughter Elaine.

    Pick out a nice lake in the Lake District and put the Castle of Bliant on it. Alternatively, we could bend Malory a little here. Since it looks confusing to have Sir Bliant of Castle Blank and the castle of Bliant so closely connected in this account of Lancelot's madness, the names of the castles might be switched, giving Sirs Bliant and Selivant (Celinant) the castle of Bliant, and Pellam getting Castle Blank. Castle Blank might then be Whitehaven, and then Joyous Isle the shallow peninsula of headland surrounding it.