1. White Abbey
      Blanche Abbaye

      Gawain stays at the White Abbey a Sunday when he were on the quest to find Lancelot.

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    2. White Abbey
      Blanche Abeie, Blanche Abbaye

      Galahad meets Bagdemagus and Yvain the Bastard at the White Abbey. The white shield with the red cross is deposited here. Galahad takes Melian (Melias de Lile), who is wounded, to the Abbey.

      Gawain found the wounded Bagdemagus (whom is buried here) and learnt from him that Lancelot had killed the two giants.

      Bohort stays the night and the day after he finds Perceval on a ship.

      This abbey is probably identical with the entry above.

    3. White Castle

      The location of a tournament in which Perceval, Gawain, and Meliant of Lis all displayed prowess.

    4. White Castle
      Blanc Castel

      The stronghold ruled by Bliant and his brother Celinant - the two knights who housed Lancelot during his period of insanity.

    5. White Castle
      Blanc Castel

      A castle on the border of Gorre that appears several times in the Vulgate Cycle.

      The Lord of the White Castle was one of the knights who opposed the Saxon invasions at the beginning of Arthurís reign. The Lady of the White Castle is named as the cousin of Galescalain (Galeshin). Another Lord of the White Castle is called Gallides, who was defeated by Bors.

    6. White Castle

      A castle in Brittany visited by Arthur after he killed the Giant of Mont St. Michel.

    7. White City
      Blance Citť

      The capital of Island of Beautiful Maidens saved by Floriant, Morgan le Fayís foster-son, from a terrible monster that ate the cityís maidens. The cityís queen was named Alemandine.

    8. White City
      Blance Citť

      The Welsh capital of King Jozefent, father of Arthurís Sir Floriant.

    9. White Cross

      A landmark at the edge of Camelot Forest. It served as an assembly point for knights on a quest to find Lancelot.

    10. White Forest

      An enchanted forest near Arthurís Cardueil court. It contained the Chapel of St. Augustine, which renewed Arthurís spirits.

      It was also the haunt of the evil Black Knight, who was slain by Arthur.

    11. White Forest

      A wood inhabited by the White Knight. Arthur challenged the White Knight for ownership of the forest. In judicial combat, Sir Meriadoc decided the issue in Arthurís favor, but persuaded Arthur to relinquish his claim.

    12. White Fortress
      Blance Terre

      King Lancelot, Lancelotís grandfather, loved the lady of the White Fortress, who was married to his cousin, a duke. When the Duke of the White Fortress discovered their love, he treacherously murdered King Lancelot - an act for which his castle became shrouded in darkness. The duke was crushed by a crumbling wall. The darkness was to linger at the White Fortress until Galahadís arrival years later.

    13. White Hag

      Mother of the Black Hag, a witch slain by Arthur.

    14. White Knight

      He explains to Galahad the origin of the white shield with the red cross, and he is probably the same character who summons Galahad to leave the boat with Lancelot.

    15. White Knight
      Blans Chevalier

      A knight defeated by Perceval at the Amorous Ford. The White Knight had guarded the ford for seven years. Perceval sent him to Arthurís court.

    16. White Knight

      An opponent of the Red Knight. The White Knight was battling the Red Knight when Perceval arrived and accidentally killed the Red Knight.

    17. White Knight
      Blanc Chevalier

      A name assigned to Lancelot before anyone - including Lancelot himself - knew his real name. It was given to him because of his white armor and shield.

      Lancelot carried the name until he liberated the castle Dolorous Guard and discovered his true name.

    18. White Knight
      Blanc Chevalier

      A mysterious God-sent warrior who rescued King Evalach of Sarras (Evelake) from certain defeat at the hands of King Tholomer of Babylonia.

      He appeared when Evalach tore the cloth from the shield that Joseph of Arimathea gave him, revealing the symbol of a cross. After defeating Tholomerís army at the Rock of Blood, the White Knight disappeared.

    19. White Knight

      One of the three knights who guarded Vrikevreue, the heath surrounding Rigomer castle in Ireland. Lancelot defeated him and his companions.

    20. White Knight

      A knight who Arthur challenged for ownership of the White Forest. Sir Meriadoc decided the issue in Arthurís favor but convinced Arthur to return the White Forest to the White Knight.

    21. White Knight

      In Irish romance, son of the King of France and a knight of Arthur's.

    22. White Lake

      The property ruled by Duke Buroin in Ulrichís Lanzelet. Lancelot lodged here on the way to Arthurís court.

    23. White Land
      Blanche Land, Blankenland

      In Thomasís Tristan, one of Tristanís homes, in Brittany; in Beroulís version, an area of Cornwall where Tristan (Tristram) and Isolde fled after their exile from Markís court.

    24. White Land

      The location of a tournament at which Yder and Arthur were the principal combatants. Gawain and the Little Knight fought on Yderís side and won the tournament.

    25. White Land
      Blance Terre, Terre Blance

      The land ruled by King Lancelot, Lancelotís grandfather. It bordered on the Foreign Country.

    26. White Land

      The King of the White Land is named as an ally of Arthur in Claris et Laris. A Queen of the White Land appears in a tournament in Durmart le Gallois.

    27. White Mount

      The Tower of London was once known as the White Mount, and it was said the head of Bran the Blessed was buried beneath the structure to ensure Britain was never invaded. One story says that King Arthur removed the head, as he wanted to be the country's saviour.

      The legend of ravens connected with the Tower of London started with Geoffrey of Monmouth. In his Historia Regum Britanniae (published 1136), he refers to a British king named Bran Hen of Bryneich (born around 485) - the Welsh word for raven is Bran - whom was killed in a battle. He had a request that his severed head should be buried, as a talisman against invasion, on Gwynfryn (the 'White Mount') where the Tower of London now stands. To this day ravens are accepted as highly important as well as necessary occupants of the Tower. Legend states that if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London the White Tower will crumble and a great disaster shall befall England.

      Because of this legend, and its importance to the people of England, a number of ravens are kept at the Tower at the expense of the British government.

    28. White Mountain
      Blanche Montaigne

      The kingdom ruled by Escanor the Handsome, an opponent of Gawian.

    29. White Stag
      Cerf Blanc, Cherf Blanc

      White stags feature in a number of Arthurian tales. It was said that whoever hunted one down could kiss the loveliest girl in Arthur's court. One was chased by Sagremor (Sagramore) in Rigomer, while another was hunted in the Forest of Adventure in Erec. Floriant pursued one which brought him to a castle of his foster-mother Morgan Le Fay and, in the Didot Perceval, Percivale cut off the head of a white stag.

      Artist: Unknown

      Sommer quotes from the Vulgate:

      a deer who be more white than black ... and round his neck a chain of gold ... so has his company.

      The white stag may originally have featured in stories of a pagan, mythical nature and these tales may have some connection with the Celtic stag cult.

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    30. White Thorn Castle
      Castel de La Blanche Espine

      A castle ruled by Matain the Cruel. Matain hated Arthurís knights, and his people habitually beat and degraded them whenever they happened along. The castle was conquered and destroyed by Lancelot, Bors, Gaheris, and Bagdemagus. Matain was killed by Lancelot.

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    31. White Thorn Ford

      One of Arthur's estates.

    32. White Tower
      Blance Tour, La Blanche Tour, White Tour

      The home of Galerian, Percevalís paternal uncle. Perceval won a golden cup at a White Tower tournament.