1. Caradawg
    Caradawc, Cradawc, Cradawg

    Son of Iaen, brother of Sulyen, Bradwen, Moren, Siawn, and Teregud.

    One of King Arthurís warriors in Welsh legend, from Caer Dathal, he was related to Arthur through Uther.

    In Bonedd y Arwyr he is, together with his brother Siawn, said to be related to Arthur through his sister's marriage to Arthur. They are called gwyr Kaer Tathal ('men of Caer Dathal').

    The name seems to be the source of the French Caradocs.

  2. Caradawg Strong-Arm

    Son of Llyr of the Sea, father of Cawrdaf, and Arthurís chief advisor in Welsh legend. He rode a horse named Host-Splitter. Caradawg is said to be Arthurís first cousin, but Llyr is never said to be related to Eigyr (Igerne) or Uther.

    He was adapted by French writers as Caradoc Shortarm.