1. Caulas
    Acalas, Atalas Lamnachour, Aucalas Laumacor, Callas, Caulas Laumacour, Caulus, Maulas

    A Saxon chieftain who, with others, invaded Carmelide (Cameliard) in the early days of Arthurís reign.

    At the battle of Aneblayse, his forces were routed by Arthur, Leodegan (Leodegrance), Ban, and Bors. Caulas was slain by Arthur.

  2. Caulas the Red
    Caulas li Rous, Taulas li Rous, Taulus li Rous

    One of Arthurís knights. He fought against the rebellious kings at the battle of Bedegraine, and he participated in a quest, for a year and a day, to learn the fate of Merlin.