1. Chastel

    There are several Chastels mentioned in the Vulgate and I've listed some of them here:

    • Chastel, le
      "... pres le Pont Sous Aigue", where Lancelot's companions pass the night.

    • Chastel, le
      Owned by Hector's uncle.

    • Chastel, le
      In a forest. The tournament between the white and black knights takes place here.

    • Chastel, le
      Galahad and Perceval's sisters rest here.

    • Chastel, le
      Where 'Li Rous de la Falois' carries Maiden with the Harp, sister of Helaes.

    • Chastel, le
      A "strong and very becoming" castle.

  2. Chastel, Dames as
    Castle of Virgins, Chastel as Puceles, Chastel as Pucheles

    The "Castle of Ladies" and "Castle of Virgins" were located on opposite banks of a river, probably in or near the forest of Carduel (Cardueil).

    Here, during a tournament between the two castles, Sirs Ector de Maris and Lionel once helped the knights of the Puceles, who were inferior in number, while Lancelot, to balance the influence of his kinsmen, entered on the side of the Dames.

    Lancelot, however, did not get into the fray until a damsel came by and dropped a hint that he should fight by asking him if she could have his shield, since he obviously had no use for it.

    "Chastel as Puceles" is, of course, the equivalent of "Castle of Maidens", which may have been a popular name.

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  3. Chastel de Greomar

    It is later named le Chastel as Puceles.

  4. Chastel del Cor

    A castle, probably in France, which Sir Bors gave to Viviane's husband, when Bors and Viviane visited each other during Arthur's war with Claudas.

  5. Chastel de l'Espine

    Of which Tericon (probably Terican, whom Lancelot vanquished, is meant) is the lord.

  6. Chastel de l'Estroite Marche
    Castell of the Streite Marche, Chastel de l'Estroite Marche

    A castle, which lord lord sometimes is called Satran, Plenorios and Floridas.

  7. Chastel de l'Estroite Voie

    Castel of the Streyte Way, Chastel de l'Estroite Marche

    Error for Estroite Marche.

  8. Chastel de la Mort

    Gaheriet vanquishes and kills Kaols sans Douceur here.

  9. Chastel de la Tor Perrine

    Later named la Dolereuse Tor.

  10. Chastel du Pre

    A castle where Hector (Ector de Maris) fought for Osenain's (Oswain) sister against Hervy de Mai Aguet.

  11. Chastel en Gaule

    Where Arthur carries the fatally wounded Gawain.

  12. Chastel Marte

    In Perlesvaus, the king of this castle was Percivale's uncle. He seized the Grail Castle but Percivale besieged him and he killed himself.