1. Dark Castle
      Chastel Tenebreus

      A castle where Lancelot completed an unspecified adventure. At his wish, the inhabitants of the castle changed its name.

    2. Dark Mountain

      A land terrorized by the evil dwarf Juran, who had slain its lord and wanted to marry the lordís daughter. Daniel of the Blossoming Valley, one of Arthurís knights, slew the dwarf and freed the land. The lady of the Dark Mountain later marred Arthurís Sir Belamis.

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    3. Dark River
      Tembre, Tenebre, Tymbre

      A broad, deep, muddy river that formed the border between Wales and the perilous land of Gore.

    4. Dark Valley
      Valle Scura

      A valley visited by Tristan (Tristram) and Lancelot during the Grail Quest. There, they slew the pagan lord Fellone.

      Merlin placed one of his six 'Merlin's Stones' here.