1. Floree

      A lady kidnapped by Sir Caradoc of the Dolorous Tower. Caradoc also kidnapped Guinevere. When Gawaine came to rescue Guenevere, Floree gave him Caradoc's sword - the only weapon which could kill the giant knight. Caradoc died cursing her name.

    2. Florée

      According to the Vulgate, she was the daughter of King Alain of Escavalon. She was loved by Guinganbresil, one of her father's knights.

      While traveling through the forest of Breckham, a group of Saxons seized her, but Gawaine rescued her. Later Gawaine stayed at the Castle Brion (which belonged to Alain). Floree came to his bed somewhat in manner of Sir Bercilak's lady in Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight. Since Floree meant it, it went farther, and Guinglain apparently resulted from this adventure. I can't figure out if Gawaine married Floree, but according to The Wedding of Sir Gawaine and Dame Ragnell he was married several times. Floree later married Meliant of Liz.

      Malory does not name Floree, but in XIX, he calls Sir Brandiles' (Brandelis) sister the mother of Gawaine's sons Florence and Lovel. Although Malory does not name Brandiles' sister as the mother of Gawaine's son Gingalin, who surely is identical with the Vulgate's Guinglain, the name of the second son, Florence, is so similar to the name Floree that it strongly suggests a mother-son connection. Floree, then, might be identified with Sir Brandiles' sister.

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    3. Florée

      A cousin and friend of Princess Hermondine of Scotland. She organized five tournaments to find Hermondine a husband, which produced Arthur’s Sir Meliador. Agravain wooed and won her during a tournament at Camelot.