Don't let it be forgot,
that once there was a spot,
for one brief, shining moment
that was known as Camelot.

  1. Camelot
    Caamalot, Camaalot, Camaaloth, Camaelot, Camahaloth, Camalahot, Camalat, Camallate, Camalot, Cameloth, Camelotto, Camilot, Chamaalot, Chamalot, Damolot, Kaamelot, Kamaalot, Kamaaloth, Kamaelot, Kamahalot, Kamahaloth, Kamelot, Kameloth, Schamilot

    The name given to the place where Arthur had is main residence and held his court. Many places have been suggested for its location, which still remains a mystery. Among these are Winchester, Caerleon-on-Usk, Colchester and, most commonly and popularly, Cadbury Castle in Somerset.

    Artist: Unknown

    Camelot was Arthur's capital. According to romances, it was named after a pagan king called Camaalis. At the time when Joseph of Arimathea arrived in Britain, it was the chief city of the country. In Joseph's time, King Agrestes ruled it. He seemed to embrace Christianity but, after Joseph's departure, persecuted the Christians until God drove him mad.

    The city is first mentioned by Chrťtien in his Lancelot. Malory tells us the chief church was St. Stephen's, he also identifies it with Winchester. Attempts have been made to identify Camelot. In Roman times Colchester was called Camulodunum, which has a not-too-dissimilar sound. In modern times, some have thought it was Cadbury Castle (Somerset) where, as we know from archaeology, there was a leader's fortified dwelling during the Arthurian period. A tradition that Camelot was Cadbury Castle also existed in the sixteenth century.

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  2. Camelot

    A valley and castle ruled by Percevalís father, Alain le Gros, in Perlesvaus. The author of Perlesvaus clearly makes a distinction between Percevalís Camelot and Arthurís Camelot.

    After Alainís death, the castle fell to his widow, Yglais. It was attacked by Cahot the Red and the Lord of the Fens, but these knights were eventually slain by Perceval.

  3. Camelot Forest

    The White Cross, a landmark, stood at the edge of the forest.

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