The lord of the castle of Moreiz.

He received the knights Kuraus, Orphilet, and the young Lancelot as his guests for a nightís lodging. He was of uneven disposition, however - liable to fly into a rage at the slightest provocation - and for this reason, Kuraus and Orphilet were on edge. Thus, when Galagandreizís young daughter offered herself to Kuraus and Orphilet, they declined.

Lancelot, however, accepted gladly, and consequently incurred the lordís rage. Galagandreiz challenged Lancelot to a battle, in which each would take turns throwing daggers at the other until one of them died. Lancelot agreed, but was wounded in the arm from Galagandreizís first throw. Unable to throw accurately on account of his wound, Lancelot instead rushed Galagandreiz and stabbed him with the dagger, killing him. Galagandreizís daughter convinced his knights to recognize Lancelot as her husband and their new lord, but Lancelot remained at the castle only a short time.

It is probable that Galagandreiz comes from Hartmannís Galagaundris, which, in turn, may be derived from Chrťtienís Galegantin.