1. Galegantin
      Galegantins li Galoi, - the Walsh; Galegantis, Galeguadinz, Galegentix, Galerantis, Galeschins li Galois, Gallegantin li Galois, Galygantynis, Gallegantins, Guallegantins

      One of Arthurís Knights of the Round Table, from Wales. He is first mentioned by Chrťtien de Troyes in line 1691 of Erec and Enide. He may be the origin of Hartmannís Galagaundris and Ulrichís Galagandreiz.

      He takes part in the first and second quests of Lancelot.

      He fought in Arthurís wars against the Saxons, appears in a number of tournaments, and was imprisoned in both the Dolorous Prison and the Forbidden Hill (Le Tertre Deuee). He contracted an illness in the former and nearly died, but was healed by the Hermit of the Thicket. After participating in the Grail Quest, he was killed by Mordred at the battle of Salisbury.

      He is perhaps identical with Galantins.

    2. Galegantin

      Lancelotís maternal grandfather; the father of Elaine and Evaine. After his daughters were married, Galegantin retired to a seaside hermitage and became a holy man. Lancelot visited him during the Grail Quest, on his way to Corbenic (Carbonek), and Galegantin tried to persuade him to end his affair with Guenevere.