1. Gratian Municeps
    Gracianus Municeps

    The king of Britain prior to Constantine (Arthurís grandfather). He had previously been a general under the British king/Roman emperor Maximus, and had proved his prowess by driving the Picts and Huns off the island. As a king, however, he was tyrannical, and was assassinated by his own noblemen. Afterwards, the kingdom fell into ruin until the arrival of Constantine from Brittany.

    Giovanni Boccaccio, the Italian author of The Fates of Illustrious Men, thought that Constantine obtained the kingdom from Gratian.

  2. Gratian the Pale
    Grastian the Castellan

    A steward of King Ban of Benoic (Lancelotís father). He took care of the city of Trebe in Banís absence. When Ban allied with Arthur, Gratian joined their struggle against the rebellious kings and Saxons, and he apparently became a Knight of the Round Table.

    His son Banin was Banís godson and also a Knight of the Round Table.